Ship equipment

Everything for shipyard and shipbuilding

In addition to the sourcing and sale of East European shipbuilding, services, we also offer subcomponents in all equipment categories, steel fabrication and coating – everything shipyards need to build a ship. The manufacture of equipment, construction subassemblies and special components is performed by our Romanian partner companies at their own plants. Through VOS Kaiser GmbH & BING Kaiser’s partnerships with multiple shipyards, subcontractors and suppliers, we can reliably supply products to the highest European standard.

A quick overview of what we offer: Ship equipment, Bow and stern windlasses, Winches, Mooring and anchor capstans, Coupling winches, Hand-operated anchor and mooring winches, Special winches, Slipway winches, Chain stoppers, Chain end fasteners, Roller hawsers, Return pulleys, Manhole covers, Tank domes with “swing away” manhole cover, Hatches, etc.